Second Circular

November 2016

Guidelines for conference registration und submission of papers

Setting up a user account

It is necessary to set up a user account for both the registration and the submission of papers. Please take the following steps:


1. In the main menu, click on “Account” and complete the form. At the bottom of the form, click on “Reader” if you would like to participate in the conference and additionally on “Author” if you would like to contribute to the conference (workshop, paper, poster, etc.). Using the “Create” button, an account is created.


2. This account allows you to log onto the conference website at all times.



It is necessary to set up a user account in order to register for the conference (see above). After registering, please take the following steps:


1. Log onto the conference website with your user data and click on “Home” in the main menu.


2. On the menu on the right, click on “Registration”.


3. Please select the appropriate category (IAA member, etc.) and then click on “Register” at the bottom of the page.


4. No “Fee code” needs to be entered on the following page. However, you may enter “Special Requests”. Please click on “Register” after that.


5. The page containing payment information appears. Once you have taken note of this, click on “Send Notification of Payment”. Then click on “Continue”.


6. You will be informed by email once your payment has been received.


Submit an abstract of a paper

If you would like to submit a paper, workshop, poster etc. for the conference, you first need to setup a user account. In addition to your submission, you may also register for the conference now or postpone the registration to a later date.  To submit an abstract, the following steps are necessary:


1. Log onto the conference website with your user data and click on “User home” in the main menu.


2. Click on “New submission” underneath “Dealing with Antiquity – Past, Present and Future” and choose “Author”.


3. Now select the “Conference Track” to which you wish to allocate your contribution. The link “Track Policies” provides you with an overview of the content-related and formal requirements regarding the single areas. The choices are:


a. Paper concerning the main topic, section “Past”


b. Paper concerning the main topic, section “Present”


c. Paper concerning the main topic, section “Future”


d. Registering a workshop


e. Registering an excavation report


f. Registering a poster


g. Registering an open-topic paper


4. Please review the “Copyright Notice” and accept it. In addition, you may leave a comment for the organisers of the conference. After that, click on “Save and continue”.


5. On the following page (“Step 2. Entering the Submission’s Metadata”) you may add your personal information and further presenters (if applicable). Please provide your paper title as well as the abstract (max. 400 words) below (e.g. using copy/paste from a Word file). Then click on “Save and continue”.


6. On the next page (“Step 3. Uploading Supplementary Files”) you may upload supplementary files if necessary for the comprehension of the abstract (e.g. illustrations). Click on “Save and continue”.


7. On the following page (“Step 4. Confirming the Submission”) no further files need to be uploaded. Click directly on “Finish Submission”.


8. Once the organising team has decided on your submission, you will automatically be notified by email.


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