Workshop: Old Assyrian News

Up to date there are about 22,500 cuneiform documents known that may be labelled as "Old Assyrian". More than 22,000 of those were found at the site of Kültepe, the Ancient city of Kanes. An estimated number of ca. 20,000 of those can be traced back to a period of less than 40 years, during the 19th century B.C., constituting the fact that the Old Assyrian corpus from Kültepe represents the most dense documentation of the Akkadian language. And as such it surely deserves a workshop of its own at any RAI.


Much progress has been made in the recent years and the planned workshop hopes to present papers on many different aspects concerning the period in question. To enable speakers to talk on the whole variety of possible topics we forgo a restriction to a common headline. This means also that archaeological studies are most welcome to form a part of our meeting.


Since a number of the expected speakers are also meeting again at the site of Kültepe for the 3rd Kültepe International Symposium only a week later and will possibly read there the same papers as at the RAI in Marburg it is not planned yet to publish the papers read at Marburg as RAI workshop proceedings.


Abstracts should be sent before the end of February. Interested speakers and for more information please contact


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