Workshop: Relations between Judeans in Babylonia and Jehud in Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid Time

According to the biblical book of Ezra-Nehemiah, there is decisive influence of the Babylonian Jewish diaspora on post-exilic Judah. Returnees from the Golah rebuild the temple (Ezra 1-6, Hag 1-2) and organize civil and religious life in Jerusalem (Ezra 7-Neh 13). Other texts demonstrate a vivid exchange of letters and ideas between the Babylonian diaspora and its homeland (Jer 29; Ep Jer). In 6th/5th-century Babylonia, new literary evidence (letters, inscriptions, administrative texts) has been discovered that testifies to the well-being of Judean expatriates in the city of al-Yahudu and beyond. The workshop explores the interrelations between the Diaspora and the homeland on the basis of Babylonian, archeological, and biblical sources. What can be learned from the new evidence about such relations? What is the economic and social situation of the Judeans in Babylonia? Shall one think of a continuous and mutually interchange of peoples, money, and ideas? Does the Diaspora dominate the exchange and if yes, in what manner?


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Prof. Dr. Christl M. Maier:

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